Vitamin b Complex Side effects

Vitamin b complex constitutes a group of vitamins. This includes a total of eight essential B vitamins. These vitamins are available in animal and plant sources as well as in its supplement form. These vitamins are beneficial for the human body. However too much of vitamin B complex intake can be dangerous for the body and can lead to complications.
Vitamin b complex side effects should therefore be known to individuals to possibly avoid the complications that it can pose.

Side effects
Biotin, one of the vitamins of vitamin b complex, can affect the insulin level of an individual. People suffering from diabetes should be careful before taking in any product with vitamin B complex.

Thiamine causes restlessness, weakness, sweating, breathing difficulty in an individual.

Pregnant rats were administered to high doses of biotin, in a clinical research. It was found that the placenta of the rats decreased and chances of miscarriage increased. Though the result of this test have not been proved on women, it is better to be aware of the possible vitamin b complex side effects. Pregnant women therefore should be very careful before increasing her intake of this vitamin b complex.

Riboflavin can lead to increasing the frequency of urination in individuals and can also cause diarrhea.

Niacin, another vitamin b complex causes diarrhea, vomiting, bloating and nausea in the individual. It also leads to a sudden lowering of the blood pressure in an individual. Sky problems like pigmentation or dryness are also the side effects of this vitamin b complex. The most severe side effects that can be associated with niacin include darkened urine, swelling of the face, pain in the muscles, yellowing of the skin or blood found in stool.

Skin problems in many individuals have been the result of side effects of vitamin b complex consumption. Acne problems, rashes on the skin are all the side effects of an increased intake of vitamin b complex. Reducing the intake has been found to alter the effects.

Biotin, an important vitamin b complex interacts with antibiotics that an individual may be consuming under special medication. Many medicines help in lowering the lipid level in individuals. Biotin alters the level and increases it leading to much complication. It has been found to weaken the effect that cholesterol medicines have on the body of an individual.
Increased dosage of pantothenic acid can lead tightening of the chest of an individual leading to difficulty in breathing. It also leads to swelling of the lips and tongue in an individual.

Pyridoxine can cause stomach aches, tingling sensations, nausea, vomiting symptoms in individuals. Large doses of this vitamin can lead to the development of nerve or brain problems. Extreme fatigue, poor co-ordination between the body parts and numbness in various parts of the body are the other side effects of this vitamin.
vitamin b complex
Folic acid can increase the risk of heart attack and even developing lung or prostate cancer in individuals.
Cyanocobalamin can lead to clotting of the blood, weakness in the muscles, fevers, bleeding and chills.

Vitamin b complex side effects will be useful for those individuals who want to consume this vitamin for the overall health. Consuming the vitamin in regulated doses however will help them in avoiding the side effects associated with these vitamins.

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